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In contemporary times, jobs through their mode of operation, have become dynamic. Internet services have made work available and accessible from any place, resulting in many people taking preference on them. Hence, the question: what are top 5 online at home jobs?

5 High Ranking Online at Home Jobs Are:

1. Network Marketing
Network marketing is a business model that many companies turn to in order to market their products. Network MarketingOne such company is Plexus Slim Worldwide that was founded in 2008. A new weight loss product was brought to market that originally started out to be a product to help type 2 diabetics. It was found to be a wonderful weight loss product so it came to market as just that. In 2011 the company started it growth and now in 2014 it has over 130,000 Ambassadors or reps marketing their products. The cost to get started in network marketing is very low. The companies usually provide a company replicated website and the training you need to run your own home business. Plexus Slim was chosen because the author is an Ambassador for the company and has done very well. We will discuss Plexus Slim in another article on this site.

2. Freelance Writing
This is done by writing required content on information that is being sought. It may be in form of articles or writing research projects that are academic.

3. Online Transcription
These involves transcribing from audio to written content. Additionally, you may transcribe an audio and translate it in different languages for publishers who in turn pay some revenue in exchange. 

4. Writing Product Reviews and Affiliate Marketing
Companies are looking for ways to add value to their products. When you Market these products on personal websites, companies pay income. Further, through critical review of products, companies will pay you for providing them with valuable market information. 

5. Taking paid surveys
Companies are engaging in research on commodities that they produce. In order to know how these products are performing in functions that they are intended for, research is carried out in form of surveys. By participating in surveys, companies then pay you for your valuable service. 

4 Reasons To Engage In Online Jobs 

They are convenient to individuals who have other commitments and want to generate extra income. These commitments may vary from parental obligations to an additional job. Top 5 online at home work provide you with much needed supplementary income in your home's comfort. 

You create your own work schedule and are able to manage it independently. With online jobs, you as an individual become boss, clerk and create your work schedule. You are able to determine when to engage in work and are not limited by strict schedules such as 9-5 routine. 

Online work at home provide an alternative for those who dislike office politics, moreover, hustles and bustles such as traffic that accompany daily movement to centrally designated office suite are non existent. 

Online work are usually easy and do not require technical expertise to carry them out. Instructions are clearly written and in case of errors, it will be clearly communicated to you while being specific on what area. 

Working from home provides benefits such as convenience and being able to manage your work and schedule. However, planning and discipline should be observed when performing top 5 online at home jobs
for you to achieve maximum benefits.

Disclosure: The author is a Plexus Worldwide Ambassador and may make a compensation from their relationship.