Setting Up Account

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Note: This is older information and in need of being updated.

1. Go to and click on your local City or State.

2. Click on "My Account" in the top-left hand corner

3. At the bottom of the page, click on "Sign up for an account"

4. Enter your email address and the verification text in the two respective boxes a. You will get an email…go to that email and click the verification link

5. In the new window that popped up from you clicking in the email, enter your desired password. Make it something that you always use.

6. Agree to the terms of use

7. You will now be taken to your Account Dashboard

8. In the top right hand corner, choose the city / region that you want to post your ad in and click on "go".

9. Choose your category. I recommend posting in the "job offered" category and selecting the "sales jobs" sub category. You may also try posting ads for free samples in the "free to you" category and you may also try posting ads in the "for sale" category for the purpose of selling the coffee

10. Follow the directions from here that Craigslist gives you and call your up line if you have any questions….but only after you have got to this point. Don’t call to have them walk you through these directions…you must take responsibility for your business. Thank you. : )

11. Make sure that you use your JavaFitBuilder link in your mushroom coffee ads….so that you will capture the leads of the people who answer your ad. Your up line will help you call them for the first 10 or so calls so you can get comfortable with the process.

12. Place no more than one ad each morning and one ad each evening in a different city each time. If you place any more frequent than this, craigslist will most likely suspend your account for over use.

13. As you place multiple ads, change up your ad a bit and the subject line. You don’t want to post the exact same ad and subject line many different times; this will also get you suspended.

14. If you are consistent and have a business owner’s mindset, this will generate some good leads for your business.

Craigslist – – This is a great place to start, however there is a lot of competition so expect to past ads daily. You need to create a nice ad and have the interested parties contact you for further details. You can paste a link to one of your lead capture pages, but you need to use your own domain and have it forwarded to your real link (see other article for how to do this if necessary).

Classified Ads – Create a short, 3-line ad along with your website address (forwarding of course to one of your lead capture pages) and place it in the business opportunity section. Sunday’s are best. Choose the newspaper with the highest circulation in your area or in the area you are trying to build. Follow up is crucial. Penny Saver type of newspapers are cheap and can generate some leads but don’t expect to find any superstars from them. Focus on the bigger respected papers.

If you’ll focus your next few weeks on nothing but the 4 methods above, you should start seeing some nice results.